Jordan Industry 4.0 and Digitalization Innovation Center


The European Union has awarded a grant to the Consortium consisting of SAM Engineering (coordinator), Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), Transition Technologies (TT)/Poland for the implementation of the project “Jordan Industry 4.0 & Digitalization Innovation Centre (InJo4.0)” in Jordan. This project is implemented within the EU’s “Innovation for Enterprise Growth and Jobs” program, also known as ‘Innovate Jordan’. The global objective of the EU’s 'Innovate Jordan' program is to contribute to positioning private sector innovation as the main driver of inclusive economic development. In addition, the specific objective of this project is to support the development of a Centre of Excellence that boosts the competitiveness of high growth and innovation potential sectors in Jordan such as the manufacturing sector and the IT Sector by facilitating access to innovation inputs. In order to respond to these objectives of the EU, the potential and field of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization Innovation technology is chosen as the lead topic for this project as it is considered to deliver the intended and required impact in all respects. The Industry 4.0 Digitalization Innovation technology means a fundamental change in the economic system, bringing tremendous changes in the business processes and business models of industrial companies, along with a huge number of new and novel opportunities for all kinds of human resources. Key factor to success is the finding of right approaches and to turn them into concrete results.


Stimulate the synergies and interaction between Manufacturing and ICT sector by merging the IT with the manufacturing operation.

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To drive accelerated diversification of the Kingdom’s economy through knowledge-based industries, thereby creating value-adding jobs as well as to help create an innovative ecosystem in Jordan.



At INJO4.0, we take our values seriously. Each of our values shown below provides an idea of our work ethic, project culture and belief system:

The irresistible desire to do the best we can to our companies, community, country, and the world.
Recognize the need to change and be willing to make it happen immediately.
The strong belief that we, together, will perform better.


INJO4.0 creates value from technology by investing in local and global technologies and in their development into economically sustainable companies. – To that end, INJO4.0 has set three Strategic Objectives that govern all its activities:

  • Transfer Technology
  • Diversify the Economy
  • Create High-Skilled Jobs
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Our Staff

Emad J. Abdelqader
Sr. Projects & Services Engineer - Automation
Abdelrahman Alzraiqi
Project & Service Engineer
Samer Aldemasi
Project Manager
Muneer Alrefai
Finance & Grants Manager
Eyad F. Batshon
Communication & Visibility Specialist
Fadi Al-Twal
Capacity Building Coordinator