Train of Trainer / Expert

  • Amman


Train of Trainers Program is one of the core activities that InJo4.0 will be offering, this program is designed to build an expert community by developing their technical skills also their soft skills, fortifying their overall knowledge to become certified international professional trainers.

The program will be focusing on the industry 4.0 main pillars (IoT, Cyber Security, Data Science, and Machine learning). A Total number of 50 candidates shall be granted what is worth 3000 Euros of training, the training will be in different types, Self-paced, online, and virtual instructor-led based.

A perfectly designed series of training will be offered upon eligibility criteria. The candidate shall go through an application, test, and interview to be selected. Progress and achievements will be monitored in each phase of the program.

What you will get

Many values the candidates shall get by participating in this program, besides upscaling the skills and knowledge:

·         3000 euros worth series of training.

·         Internationally recognized certificate that shall open new horizons.

·         opportunity for collaboration as a freelancer with the InJo4.0 project.

·         Opportunity to conduct paid training for 1000 personnel.

·         Join a community of experts.

·         Increase the possibility of getting new opportunities or promotions.

·         Opportunity for additional training from 3rd party or participation in webinars.



Each candidate should meet minimum the following criteria to be eligible for the application process.

1- should be a Jordanian citizen and resident.

2- age above 22.

3- should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in relevant fields (Software & Web Developer, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, DevOps, Industrial Automation Engineering, Communication Engineering, etc.)

4- Degree (Not) Required, any qualified person is welcome to apply.

5- must-have excellent language skills (will be tested), B1 level English is a must.