Through this partnership, each of the partners will utilise their expertise for the success of the Centre; SAM Engineering is specialized in operational technologies and industrial automation, while the Amman Chamber of Industry will operate as the link and main proponent of the industrial sector. As one of the leading innovation consultancies, IBTECAR collaborates in the field of Innovation Management and New Technology Trends. The European partner, Transition Technologies Advanced Solutions (TT) from Poland, provides knowledge transfer and Proof of Concept expertise in Industry 4.0 Digitalization, while the transfer company TUM-Tech from Germany, which works closely with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), delivers innovative concepts and tech and knowledge transfer between experts from research institutions and the private sector. The Jordan Industry 4.0 Digitalisation Innovation Centre is co-funded by the EU’s “Innovation for Enterprise Growth and Jobs” programme, also known as ‘Innovate Jordan’.

Leading Partner

SAM Engineering is the lead applicant, specialized in Operational Technologies and Industrial Automation in process and discrete manufacturing, partnering, providing the industry with comprehensive solutions for industrial efficiency seekers. SAM employs 80 highly skilled Engineers and Technicians and has successfully executed mega projects in Jordan such as the SCADA for DISI water conveyance system, and in the region such as the distributed controls system for Boufarik Power Plant, Algeria. Furthermore, SAM has contributed locally to enhance the skills of undergraduates and post-university graduates in programs by IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) and the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA).

Amman Chamber Of Industry

The Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) established and facilitates several projects, which links different TGs including mSMEs and clusters. For example, the Graduation Project Program links (TG1) with professors and students (TG3 & TG4). The Industrial Innovation Programs link with scientific research institutes (TG4), other stakeholders (TG2) and funding organizations. Moreover, ACI established a Technology Transfer Office under the EU-project SRTD II. ACI has agreements with (11) Universities in Jordan to enhance and enrich partnerships with local counterpart organizations. In addition, ACI has a training institute “The Euro Jordanian Advanced Business Institute (EJABI), which was established as joint EU-EJADA & ACI project in 2003, and then sustained by ACI successfully until the present time.

Currently, ACI is a partner in several EU funded projects within the ERASMUS+ Program that aims to foster innovation, in addition to establishing technical centres at Jordanian universities in order to provide a variety of services. Those projects are: (1) “Innovation for leather Industry in Jordan & Egypt INNOLEA“. (2) Fostering Innovation in Jordan and Moroccan Textile Industries “FOSTEX”. Furthermore, it is a partner in the EU funded project “TEX MED Alliances” within ENI CBC MED Program.

Transition Technologies

Transition Technologies - Advanced Solutions (TT)/Poland provides knowledge transfer and proof of concept expertise in (I4.0D). TT group operates globally with 22 offices and TT has a status of R&D Centre (TG4) granted by the Polish Ministry of Economy. TT is one of the country’s largest integrators and software companies (TG2) offering its products and services primarily to clients from sectors of industry (TG1), energy and gas market, water management, and healthcare both in Poland and worldwide. With over 25 years of experience, TT efficiently implements modern and highly specialized IT solutions in the areas of dedicated software, technical and commercial processes optimization, risk management, forecasting, data science, predictive maintenance, augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), product lifecycle management (PLM), cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. TT also cooperates with leading academic and research institutes. Some of the ongoing and implemented projects are co-financed by the EU. For example, TT is a participant of the projects under H2020 – Technologies for Factories of the Future programme.